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Thank you for visiting my website.

Below are the comments from 2002 in my old guestbook. 

Date: Tue Nov 5 10:23:42 2002
Name: Stacy Reeves
E-mail: sreeves@tcc.on.ca
Comments: We have decided to add a Berner to our family. Your site has been invaluable in my research of this breed! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.
Location: Goderich, ON

Date: Mon Oct 28 16:46:46 2002
Name: christina berner
E-mail: iwannahsd@earthlink.net
Comments: looking for information
Location: morehead north carolina

Date: Wed Oct 16 09:02:58 2002
Name: Chris Okopny
E-mail: cokopny@ameritech.net
Comments: I heard about Gary making dog carts. I was looking for the WEB site and found your guest book. I hope that everything is going well for you and Gary. Chris
Location: Clarkston, MI

Date: Sun Oct 13 23:08:03 2002
Name: Kathy Kinsley
E-mail: Kins082178@aol.com
Comments: Just trying to decide if this is the right breed for us! Definatly IN LOVE...but hate the thought of my heart being ripped out so often by untimely death. KK
Location: Big Bear Lake Ca.

Date: Wed Oct 2 06:27:12 2002
Name: Mike Sargent
E-mail: sargbilko@tinyworld.co.uk
Comments: As secretary of the Central BMD Club, I am always on the look-out for more info on the Breed and ways of improving its health and longevity.
Location: England

Date: Fri Sep 20 23:09:18 2002
Name: kathy
E-mail: bowwwowfl@aol.com
Comments: Thank you for bringing something positive from your loss. I received your link from another member of a therapy dog group list, and am forwarding it to a group list, I've developed over the years, that shares important (and sometimes lighthearted) information, worldwide. I'm know many will find your knowledge invaluable.
Location: coral gables, fl

Date: Tue Sep 10 14:17:49 2002
Name: Joseph P. Spada
E-mail: Joe_Spada@mad.uscourts.gov
Comments: I am looking for a Canadian Breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs that has been breeding Berners since the early 1970s. If anyone knows the name of this breeder, I would be most appreciative. thank you Joe
Location: Boston Massachusetts

Date: Mon Sep 9 11:28:56 2002
Name: Joe Spada
E-mail: Joe_Spada@mad.uscourts.gov
Comments: Lost the love of my life, Chekhov, at age 5 to Histio. want another Berner ... but have very cold feet. Looking into BARF and Berner Breeders who breed for health and temperament and who utilize their dogs, either as therapy or water rescue or carting .. not just show. Thanks
Location: Boston Massachusetts

Date: Wed Sep 4 02:19:08 2002
Name: Karen Alexander
E-mail: southernmoments@earthlink.net
Comments: I have a home made web page showing my 3 BMDs. Can I add this as a link for health info? I got it from the L. Its very informative. Web page address is: http://home.earthlink.net/~southernmoments
Location: Pensacola,FL

Date: Fri Aug 30 23:55:03 2002
Name: cathi Dovico
E-mail: cdovico@yahoo.com
Comments: I have a 5 1/2month old berner boy. He's been limping for 2 wks. went to my vet took xray's referred me to ortho specialist in area possible elbow dysplasia. Hoping to get some information
Location: Atherton, ca

Date: Sun Aug 18 05:34:36 2002
Name: Claudia Linhares
E-mail: claudialinhares@aol.com
Comments: Congratulations.The best canine site.
Location: Rio de Janeiro Brasil

Date: Sun Jul 14 12:39:20 2002
Name: Susan Kirkpatrick
E-mail: kirk@ellijay.com
Comments: Thanks for the great information. Being a natural worrier I always like to research any problems my two girls run into and am not just satisfied to take my vet's word for things (even though he is a great doctor, he does not see that manny Berners.)
Location: Ellijay, GA

Date: Sun Jul 14 08:53:06 2002
Name: Nancy Galunas
E-mail: ngalunas@bernerpaw.com
Comments: Nice Site. Lots of useful links.
Location: Michigan

Date: Mon Jul 8 21:14:24 2002
Name: Linda Hamilton
E-mail: linda.h@ns.sympatico.ca
Comments: Great site. The Rainbow story made me cry because I don't want to think about the Berner short lifespan. I have one of Fran Cozen's most recent pups from Sascha's Josephine (Abby). Libby is a delight and going concern. She has a perfect cross on her chest and lots of freckles on her nose. Today she learned to swim and caught a frog...i'm not sure if she or the frog were more surprised.
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Date: Mon May 27 11:30:27 2002
Name: Erin Walker
E-mail: erinduwa@yahoo.com
Comments: Great site!
Location: Northern California

Date: Mon May 27 11:30:22 2002
Name: Erin Walker
E-mail: erinduwa@yahoo.com
Comments: Great site!
Location: Northern California

Date: Tue May 14 09:27:28 2002
Name: Claudia Linhares
E-mail: claudialinhares@aol.com
Comments: Congratulations!The best health link I`ve ever seen.
Location: Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL

Date: Tue May 14 09:26:13 2002
Name: Claudia Linhares
E-mail: claudialinhares@aol.com
Comments: Congratulations!The best health link I`ve ever seen.
Location: Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL

Date: Mon Apr 29 10:30:46 2002
Name: Wesley Kwong
E-mail: wes.k@sympatico.ca
Comments: I am interested to own a BMD pup this year, if you know of a breeder in Ont. may have pupes this year. Much appreciated a name or email address. Thanks.
Location: North of Bowmanville Ontario.

Date: Wed Apr 24 07:45:33 2002
Name: Paul Whitty
E-mail: taranaki@rogers.com
Comments: Very informative Site. I am the owner of a very wonderful 2 year old Berner Female and any information that helps this breed and all dogs in general is appreciated.
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Date: Sun Apr 21 23:05:57 2002
Name: Pat Steck
E-mail: Bubbatd@hotmail.com
Comments: Having lost my beloved golden, Bubba,very suddenly without any obvious illness and this week his half brother, R.J.(my grand-dog to malignant histiocytosis)I've been trying to see where we went wrong. Their mother died 3 years ago with a brain tumor and their great Uncle with a lung malignancy...my other daughter has R.J.'s brother and I'm trying to find out what she should look for....I don't breed any more and thought that for 40 years I had the best....now, heart aches...I do have a rescued offspring and worry about him.All of their line lived for more than 14 years...now at these three dying before reaching 10 I'm really questioning my program.I thought I was careful.Any help would be aprreciated...We all love our Babies so!!!
Location: Indianapolis

Date: Sun Apr 21 19:40:54 2002
Name: Sue German
E-mail: westwynd@earthlink.net
Comments: Robin, great web site!!!! Very informative!! Sue
Location: Arizona

Date: Tue Apr 16 19:35:12 2002
Name: Jane Collins
E-mail: b.j.collins@xtra.co.nz
Comments: Looking for information on bronchopneumonia for our Casey. Your web site looks very good, hopefully we will find something that will help us.
Location: New Zealand

Date: Sun Mar 31 01:13:26 2002
Name: Jackie Gaul
E-mail: biophi@aol.com
Comments: Thank you so much for this web site. My nine yr old Berner needs special care now and the health section you compiled has been of great help.
Location: Buffalo, New York

Date: Mon Mar 25 13:29:16 2002
Name: Anne Simonson
E-mail: simonson@email.sjsu.edu
Comments: Robin, I'm sitting here with Barbara Packard having a wonderful time looking at your impressive site! Wow! Anne
Location: San Jose, CA

Date: Thu Mar 21 10:56:45 2002
Name: Sandra Parks
E-mail: threefools@aol.com
Comments: A great site
Location: Ontario

Date: Wed Mar 20 04:20:37 2002
Name: Karen
E-mail: dobermanncrazykaren@yahoo.co.uk
Comments: What a wonderful site you have! The health links are SO helpful - thank you for taking the time to list them. I found the mast cell tumour ones most helpful as my Weimaraner is a sufferer. Thanks again Karen
Location: UK

Date: Mon Feb 4 11:18:49 2002
Name: Jenn Griffin
E-mail: Silverangel72@hotmail.com
Comments: I just wanted to write in here to thank you for this incredible site, I had to do a paper for school stating the diseases and disorders or a certain breed and this webpage made it so incredibly easy and helpful. I got my paper back with an A. Thank you again for this page.
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date: Sat Feb 2 15:42:29 2002
Name: Kelly Turner
E-mail: rabbithugs@yahoo.com
Comments: I really want a bernese mountain dog however I lack $1000 dollars! lol! It's my dream dog. They're absolutely beautiful. I'll get one some day! ~Kelly
Location: Toronto

Date: Wed Jan 30 15:57:54 2002
Name: Susan Graham
Comments: Great site, I'll be back often
Location: Toronto, ON

Date: Sat Jan 26 11:00:23 2002
Name: J.K Kallgrwn
E-mail: jkallgrn@socrates.berkeley.edu
Comments: I have a nine year old and a two year old Berner and am interested in all info re health
Location: Berkeley. California

Date: Fri Jan 25 23:20:13 2002
Name: Sharon Montville
Comments: Thank you so much for maintaining this website - it's a MUST SEE for all Bernese owners.
Location: Colorado, USA

Date: Wed Jan 23 10:27:24 2002
Name: rose tierney
Comments: Hi Robin, Great site, without a doubt the most informative about the breed.

Date: Thu Jan 10 12:46:55 2002
Name: Kate & Eric Hougen
Comments: What a great website, this is very helpful. Thank you for compiling. -Kate
Location: Arlington, VA

Date: Thu Jan 10 12:45:46 2002
Name: Jessica Elfving
Comments: What a great page! Happy new year from my Bmd´s and I. Jessica
Location: Kvidinge, Sweden

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