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Thank you for visiting my website.

Below are the comments from 2003 in my old guestbook. 

please tell how to diagnose Systemic lupus erythematosus? How to treat it? and why a vet might recommend exploratory surgery?
Mark Provost <mprovost@wiegmannassoc.com>
Goshen, IN - Tuesday, December 02, 2003 at 10:30:47 (EST)

I only had time for a quick look, but this is an incredible resource. I will recommend it to new and potential Berner owners.
Lisa Seretto <laseretto@earthlink.net>
Littleton, MA USA - Thursday, November 20, 2003 at 13:01:41 (EST)

Date: Wed Nov 19 06:46:24 2003
Name: jeff hwozdik
E-mail: jtwoz@aol.com
Comments: Have 14 week old bernese with bladder stone type unknown at this time. very good pup kid's love her
Location: highland mi,

Date: Mon Oct 20 19:42:45 2003
Name: Shona
E-mail: bernercrazy@yahoo.com
Comments: Stopping by to check out a few things. THanks
Location: NZ

Date: Sun Oct 19 13:16:21 2003
Name: Janie Grinstead
E-mail: grinsatlake@netscape.net
Comments: the more info the better - thanks - Mom to Mikey - 8 month Berner and Lolita 6 year Great Pyr/traveling salesman mix.
Location: Vonore, Tennessee

Date: Fri Oct 17 14:05:10 2003
Name: Dana Frank
E-mail: dfrank@jhmi.edu
Comments: My 8 year old Berner has some type of neuromuscular disorder resulting in abnml eye movements, jaw muscle weakness, possible ataxia occurring over the past 2 weeks. We need help
Location: Baltimore MD

Date: Mon Oct 13 12:32:43 2003
Name: Tom Dodson
E-mail: Bernerdoglvr@aol.com
Comments: Thank you was able to find a lot of usefull information; for someone new to the Berner's I sure you know what a help it is. Thanx and have bernerful day.
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Date: Fri Oct 10 15:42:31 2003
Name: maria-irene lassnig-ita
E-mail: bernerhof@riesenberg.at
Comments: Wir und unsere 6 Berner senden Euch herzliche Grüße! Besucht unsere HP www.riesenberg.at
Location: amstetten, AUSTRIA (not australia!!!)

Date: Tue Oct 7 22:54:02 2003
Name: Teri Andrews
E-mail: taandrews@earthlink.net
Comments: My boy is being treated by a chinese herbalist for mast cell cacer
Location: Glen Gardner, NJ

Date: Thu Oct 2 22:54:29 2003
Name: Rev. Ed Goldberg,
E-mail: edgoldbergnew york@yahoo.com
Comments: Created with thought and meaning.
Location: Manhattan-Marry whom you Love

Date: Wed Sep 17 19:38:27 2003
Name: Diane Gorrow
E-mail: delgor@comcast.net
Comments: Just wanted to say hi. I feel very fortunate to also have one of Judy's beautiful boys. My Beck is 4, and I hope he has a long life like Teddy.
Location: East Hampstead, NH, USA

Date: Tue Sep 9 11:14:55 2003
Name: maxi
E-mail: maxigui49@yahoo.co.uk
Comments: Great site

Date: Tue Sep 9 09:17:51 2003
Name: Tom
Comments: Checking sites for info on intussuception in German Shepherd pup. Tanks for adding to avilable istes.

Date: Thu Sep 4 23:28:50 2003
Name: Terri Brady
E-mail: t.thompson-brady@att.net
Comments: Hi! I read your info on Megasophagus. My 16 mo. Berner girl was diagnosed today, but according to all the info ive read today( including yours) she should be vomiting or regurgin. She's not...atall! Do you have any info on dogs diagnosed with this but do not vomit? Her only symptom is occ. wheezing. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you VERY much! Terri Brady & Diva
Location: Bristol, PA

Date: Thu Sep 4 01:34:49 2003
Name: morris kool
E-mail: mkool@shaw.ca
Comments: Found your web page. I am looking for current health/disease information on berners BEFORE I buy a new dog.... Max,my BEAUTIFUL! 10 year old died may 15. we loved him SO much/ miss him So much...he was the love of my life!
Location: 3852 king arthur drive, Nanaimo, b.c. canada

Date: Thu Aug 28 12:24:39 2003
Name: lisa
E-mail: oboshic@yahoo.com
Comments: i am looking for my late sister helen for califor . this is the best site keeep it up
Location: ohio

Date: Sat Aug 23 18:43:11 2003
E-mail: bmd4me@castles.com
Comments: My almost 6 male BMD was just diagnosed with histiocytosis. He is also bleeding internally and probably has just a matter of days to live.
Location: Fairfield, CA 94534

Date: Tue Aug 5 16:18:48 2003
Name: Yvonne Baverstock
E-mail: pyreneans@kalkasi.freeserve.co.uk
Comments: Fabulous website - found it by chance too much information to take in in onego but have added it to my favourites list. Well done wish our breed was as open and honest as you have been.
Location: Spalding Lincolnshire UK

Date: Fri Aug 1 10:42:20 2003
Name: Carole Kaye
E-mail: carolek@optonline.net
Comments: Enjoyed your webpages and particularly the Rainbow Bridge Poem!
Location: Connecticut

Date: Thu Jul 31 13:40:17 2003
Name: ann-charlotte gullbranson
E-mail: charlotte107@msn.com
Comments: I'am a pride owner of a 9yers old beautiful Berner sennengirl, the life with a Berner is a good life.
Location: sweden

Date: Thu Jul 31 09:38:43 2003
Name: Melissa Leaist
E-mail: mleaist2@cogeco.ca
Comments: Happy 10th birthday Teddy!
Location: Dundas, Ontario

Date: Thu Jul 31 08:41:36 2003
Name: Tadao Inaba
E-mail: inaba@tcp-ip.or.jp
Comments: Happy 10th Birthday dear Teddy ! I am a member of BMD-ML from Japan. You are welcome to the Aged Dog's Directory at: http://www.tcp-ip.or.jp/~inaba/directfr.html
Location: Nagoya, Japan

Date: Mon Jul 28 12:26:10 2003
Name: Ireyna & Michael Kimberley
E-mail: ireyna@kimberleyandkimberley.com
Comments: You have a very comprehensive web site. It is obvious that you care dearly for your dogs. It is refreshing & reassuring to see that there are people who care about their dogs and their well being as much as you do. Thank you alsofor all the excellent information that you have provided. We are considering welcoming a Bernese into our family as we have recenytly lost a beloved 14 year old companion to cancer. Thanks again.
Location: Toronto

Date: Mon Jul 14 06:10:25 2003
Name: Mike Steffield
E-mail: info@internationallottouk.com
Comments: Congratulations on your wicked site. It's in my favourite bookmarks now!
Location: New York City, NY, USA

Date: Sun Jul 13 17:31:18 2003
Name: Nita Young
E-mail: northcountry@alaska.com
Comments: I may possibly be interested in buying a berner from you. Good health is an issue-it must be healthy. I feed only Abady granuals. Lost my Leo
Location: Kenai, Alaska 907-262-7777

Date: Sat Jul 12 14:28:48 2003
Name: Doetsje Ytsma
E-mail: doetsjeytsma@hotmail.com
Comments: I think youre site is beautifull with all the Berner sennendogs. I also have a Bernersennen name: JELMER He is 7 months and has a problem with his bones. Thats not nice, but thanks for the information!
Location: Holland

Date: Wed Jul 9 21:03:40 2003
Name: Kathy Pommerening
E-mail: RPomm@mn.rr.com
Comments: I have two Berners, a 3-1/2 year old who had osteosarcoma, an amputation, and chemotherapy beginning in January, 2003, and concluding in May. He is clear. Thanks for the info I found about his health when I needed it. Star, just a year old on July 6, was diagnosed with steriod responsive meningitis and is currently on prednisone. As a result of her medication and immune system, she has now developed moist pyoderma, for which I found more info on your website. Thanks for the help!
Location: Hopkins, MN 55343

Date: Tue Jul 8 12:47:45 2003
Name: Paul Femaks
E-mail: femaksventures@yahoo.com
Comments: What an excellent site, the health links are so informative.
Location: Portland, Oregon

Date: Wed Jul 2 13:02:34 2003
Name: Barb Cunningham
E-mail: Barbara.cunningham@med.va.gov
Comments: I currently have a 4year old berner, he is my second dog and they are great
Location: western ny

Date: Tue Jul 1 14:42:14 2003
Name: Karen Lynn
E-mail: karenh@ixpres.com
Comments: We just adopted Sherlock a rescue from the animal shelter. Was taken from abusive owners in a bad condition with severe ear problem that required removal of ear canal. Supposedly a success, is still on medication. He was very underweight, but seems to be doing better and despite all his problems is such a wonderful boy, we are happy we found him. Hopefully only good times ahead of him, he is 3 years old. Love to hear from any of you, new to this breed, have 2 Border Collies also.
Location: San Diego, California, USA

Date: Sat Jun 21 14:59:37 2003
Name: Susan Hayden
Comments: Your web page is great. I love Loxley...but they are all beautiful dogs.
Location: Sacramento US

Date: Mon Jun 16 05:43:28 2003
Name: Kim Graham
E-mail: grahamk@eur.disa.mil
Comments: Great website and super links. Thanks
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Date: Wed May 28 11:36:43 2003
Name: Irene Malpass
E-mail: ajwilliams@envirosol.co.uk
Comments: I have had bernese since 1985 all mine have died with cancer too little is know in uk about hystiocytosis
Location: Stourbridge West Mids

Date: Wed May 21 21:38:57 2003
Name: Susan Cameron
E-mail: bernermom1@cox.net
Comments: Looking for misc. information. Lots of people referred me to you. Currently looking for punctate cataract info.
Location: San Diego, CA

Date: Wed May 21 21:38:56 2003
Name: sabina gladwin
E-mail: sabiglad@yahoo.com
Comments: My berner has osteosarcoma on the ankle, had limb sparing surgery and is about to start chemotherapy. Any further info is welcome
Location: washington DC

Date: Thu May 8 13:05:55 2003
Name: Rebek
E-mail: rebek78028@yahoo.com
Comments: You have a great collection of health links here. I am so glad I found you.
Location: http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=2153

Date: Tue Apr 29 09:31:38 2003
Name: Sophie Desjardins
E-mail: maxifel@videotron.ca
Comments: Thank you for taking the time to get all of this important information!
Location: Cantley, Québec, Canada

Date: Sun Apr 20 20:18:22 2003
Name: Bill Murray
E-mail: wm3427@attbi.com
Comments: Thanks for this resource. We have a few minor issues with out BMD and some of your links helped put it in perspective.
Location: Seattle, WA

Date: Thu Apr 10 14:07:39 2003
Name: Kay Farrier
E-mail: kayanarra@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments: What an excellent site, the health links are so informative.
Location: England

Date: Sat Apr 5 13:20:28 2003
Name: Ronnie Jo Robinson
E-mail: anchorbr@ttc-cmc.net
Comments: I am interested in purchasing a female puppy. I have done a lot of research on the breed and own 2 males that are crossbreeds. My oldest male was gave to my son as a pup. I purchased a purebred red and white border collie to breed a few years later and have kept 2 puppies, one male and one female that are spayed and neutered. I lost my female border collie to cancer recently and would really like to get a bernese. My son was killed in 95 so my dogs are my children. I have had dogs all of my life and we own a cattle ranch so I was more apt to stick with the working dogs. My dogs are my companion and my partner. We run about 64 sections of land so there is a lot of country to cover when gathering cattle. I have had a lot of demand for my pups in the past and had 4 people waiting for my next litter until my female got sick. I miss her terribly and would like to get a pup to take her place. I am also very interested in the search and rescue training. My husband and I are active members of our county search and rescue. I have also been very interested in the agility training. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Thank you for your time. Ronnie
Location: Lloyd, Montana

Date: Thu Apr 3 10:32:08 2003
Name: m
E-mail: m.evill@virgin.net
Comments: This is the most fantastic collection of health links I have ever seen. I have bookmarked it and sent it to all my friends. wonderful work on your part Grateful Thanks m
Location: UK

Date: Wed Apr 2 12:44:30 2003
Name: Lisa
E-mail: vetland@yahoo.co.uk
Comments: I luv dogs, especially Bernese mountain dogs. This page is v. interesting!
Location: Menston - Ilkley

Date: Thu Mar 27 19:01:48 2003
Name: lisa tower
E-mail: lisaanntower@hotmail.com
Comments: thanks
Location: albuquerque, nm

Date: Fri Mar 21 13:49:38 2003
Name: luke forester
E-mail: lukeforester@hotmail.com
Comments: This is a very good site!!!!!!
Location: clifford

Date: Fri Mar 21 05:47:46 2003
Name: Eric Child
E-mail: e.child@attbi.com
Comments: Greetings! Interested if you know any breeders in this area...? Thanks! Eric Child
Location: Portland, oregon

Date: Wed Mar 19 14:37:49 2003
Name: Karen Levin
E-mail: Karen-Levin@cox.net
Comments: I wanted to peek at your "health" link because my "Teddy" has a growth on his leg and I'm looking for info. He is having surgery next week.
Location: 268 Orchard Woods Dr. Saunderstown RI 02874

Date: Tue Mar 18 16:29:34 2003
Name: Tania
E-mail: xxblue02xx@aol.com
Comments: What a great website!!! Informative, educational and love the little downloads. Keep it up. Pictures are brilliant what wonderful looking dogs.
Location: Kent UK

Date: Thu Mar 13 05:27:27 2003
Name: Ivana Leonard
E-mail: ivana.leonard@netspeed.com.au
Comments: I have two lovely Berners, Oscar who is 5 1/2 and Leo who is 2 1/2. They are the best companions and I am so happy we have discovered this wonderful breed. Last year Oscar had a spinal accident caused by an embolism and his hindquarters were totally paralysed for several weeks, but gradually with physio and lots of exercise, he is now walking well (although a bit crooked and sometimes when he gets excited his hind-quarters collapse, but he just picks himself up again) He has a good life as does his lovely brother Leo. I walk them twice a day most days. I thank you for your wonderful web site - I wish I'd discovered it earlier. I will be a regular visitor as I have found the information invaluable. thank you !!
Location: Canberra Australia

Date: Mon Mar 10 20:08:56 2003
Name: Linda Vartanian
E-mail: LVartanian@aol.com
Comments: I am 'grandmother' to a BMD, tho I am a longtime owner of German Shepherds and a GSD rescuer!
Location: California

Date: Sat Mar 1 16:04:36 2003
Name: Marcia DeMuro
E-mail: earnard@zwallet.com
Comments: What a super site!! I love it!! Great job indeed!! http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=25499
Location: Walden, NY - USA

Date: Wed Feb 5 12:37:39 2003
Name: Wendi Giordano
E-mail: wendi1dog@yahoo.com
Comments: HAve been here to you r site to learn many times. Guess I have been so focused on learning that I forgot to sign in. Thanks so much for this excellent resource. Wendi
Location: Charlottesville, VA

Date: Sat Jan 18 20:29:31 2003
Name: Radu Suciu
E-mail: canerosso@k.ro
Comments: I'm vet student and your page is helping me very much! Thanx and keep on!
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Date: Sun Jan 12 14:40:51 2003
Name: John Baillargeon
E-mail: scotties@surfbest.net
Comments: Absolutely the fines research website to be found for dog lovers on the internet. Congratulations on a job superbly done.
Location: Auburn, WA. USA

Date: Fri Jan 10 07:04:16 2003
Name: Jane Piquette
Comments: Very helpful. Nice to have someplace to get dependable information.

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